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Tungsten steel industry is still developing rapidly_Industry News

Tungsten steel industry is still developing rapidly

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    In the new situation, China's tungsten steel industry will be based on a solid industry foundation, with high-tech to promote transformation and upgrading of tungsten steel industry, the innovation-driven development as the main driving force, the formation of innovation-driven new development.
    The future of China's tungsten steel industry will maintain a rapid development speed, structural innovation momentum. In recent years, tool, drill, mold manufacturers competing to launch a variety of new products to become the focus of attention. "Twelfth Five-Year" period, the mold companies must product structure adjustment, tungsten steel mold innovation and industry transformation as an important goal of future development, in order to meet the "second five" development plan for the tool industry needs, and to the industry more long- Development and lay a solid foundation.
    With the manufacturing industry and the production of customers increasingly high production efficiency requirements, the international mold manufacturing enterprises are subdivided their own technical team. From R & D to technical service team, already have a mold industry group, the automotive industry group, the aviation industry group, MTB group, plus the energy industry group, the medical industry group. China's "second Five-Year" plan is also a mold with the development of market opportunities and challenges. Mold is a consumer industrial products, the price is the weapon of competition in the market. For the production enterprises, the scale of sales Ping Ping cost, so do fine is an important way for enterprises to obtain profits. Based on quality, focus on brand, enhance the tungsten steel mold products and services to maximize customer friend of tungsten steel, tungsten steel mold and other super-hard cutting tools to use demand.

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